Kent Lindemer

Kent Lindemer, M.F.A. has an intense passion for and an extensive background in yoga, dance and bodywork.  Growing up with a yogini mother who ran a Siddha Yoga center out of the house, it was only natural that he became an avid practitioner of Yoga and was drawn to the world of dance and massage therapy.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, Kent danced and choreographed both nationally and internationally with Pilobolus Dance Theatre from 1989-2000.

After obtaining certification in massage therapy and bodywork, Kent toured nationally with the Broadway musical Swing! as the company’s massage therapist, aerial bungee rigger and trainer.   Concurrently, Kent continued to pursue his studies in yoga with John Friend and eventually became an affiliated Anusara teacher.   Immersing himself even further within the world of yoga, Kent completed Advanced Teacher Training with Richard Freeman and taught Ashtanga Yoga at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO.  Most recently, Kent earned an MFA in Dance at the University of Washington.

As a result of these multifaceted yet interconnected experiences, Kent has developed a uniquely rich knowledge base and style of teaching which blends together elements of his experiences in dance, anatomy, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga, his own style of Nata Yoga, Nada Yoga, and Partner Yoga.  Kent enjoys teaching workshops and classes nationally and abroad and has done so since 1995.  He has moved back to the East Coast to continue his career and have a baby with his lovely partner Deirdre.  He still keeps a Massage Therapy practice and occasionally dances with Pilobolus, as well as on his own.  Kent is very excited about sharing the integration of his unique experience with students at Yoga Synthesis.