Wellness Services

At Yoga Synthesis, we offer a network of talented practitioners and therapists to assist you on your own particular healing journey. Private personalized sessions with trained and qualified therapists are available in a wide range of healing modalities.

Therapeutic Massage: Therapists use a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point release work.

Transformational Bodywork:  Using presence, breath and a variety of massage and energy balancing techniques, the therapist intuitively moves towards bringing forth release and deep relaxation in the body.

Thai Yoga Bodywork: A unique blend of massage and assisted stretching during which the body passively receives a rhythmic progression of stretches and energy line manipulation, facilitating enhanced flexibility, energy flow and deep relaxation.

Reflexology: Specific foot massage technique based on the concept that the systems and organs of the body are reflected in the sole of the foot. Besides feeling wonderful, reflexology may assist in the health and healing of various physical imbalances.

Reiki & Seimei: Japanese energy healing techniques wherein the therapist attunes to the state of their client, and with focused intention, channels healing energy to assist in the release of limiting energetic patterns in the body/mind. Reiki is a hands-on technique, while Seimei is hands-off.

Private Yoga Instruction: Individuals with injuries, ailments or special requirements may choose to schedule a private customized yoga session with any of our staff teachers.

Appointments for private sessions may be made by calling the Yoga Synthesis Studio at 201-818-YOGA (9642), or by visiting the studio and scheduling directly with the receptionist.

Gift Certificates Available
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