Teacher Training Overview

Is it time to take the next step? Do you love Yoga and want others to experience the life-changing benefits yoga can bring them? Equip yourself with the knowledge, abilities and community needed to truly have an inspiring, healing impact on those around you.

The most important aspect of teaching Yoga, is remaining always a student of Yoga. What distinguishes the Yoga Synthesis trained teacher, is their in depth understanding of and ability to integrate various tools and techniques represented in the different schools of Yoga. They possess a well informed and insightful teaching perspective by having a strong foundation in their knowledge of yogic principles. The Yoga Synthesis trained teacher is able to approach and tailor the practice to the needs of their students creatively and intelligently. Yoga Synthesis trained teachers are unique, well rounded and confident in their knowledge of Yoga and are fully prepared to insightfully teach and guide others in their practice.

Being a yoga teacher is a significant life choice which will innately connect you to the depths of the Yoga tradition and what it is to be a yogi. A yoga teacher needs to understand the yogic path, be on the path and assist or guide others to do the same. To be an effective guide entails another level of understanding of the practice but also the ability to step outside oneself to listen, observe and communicate effectively. These are skills that require development and attention, stemming from a strong foundation in a personal yoga practice, yogic knowledge and becoming seasoned as a teacher.

As a teacher, no matter what the outer form, method or style, you will need to comprehend and convey that Yoga is a constellation of interwoven principles which make the experience whole. A teacher needs to understand adaptation and have a broad framework of principled application to effectively guide and teach. We believe, at the core of Yoga, is the experience of a synthesis, which is actual as well as philosophical.

The Yoga Synthesis Training has been transforming yoga students (over 500) into Yoga Teachers since 1999. We have a time tested program designed to be a practical path towards teaching while giving insight into yoga as a way of life. Many great teachers have graduated from our programs and gone on to have successful teaching careers.

During the training program,absorb the feeling of a deep yoga experience, including chanting, meditation, breath work and a variety of postural practices — classical Hatha, breath-based (Krishnamacharya), alignment-centered (Iyengar), Vinyasa flow (Ashtanga), energy-based (Kundalini), supported (Restorative) and passive releasing (Yin).

Technical aspects of teaching are addressed  from how to use creative postural sequencing, to how to safely adjust students and use propping techniques to aid in asana practice. Anatomy for Yoga is taught in a simple and comprehensive way.

The history and development of the yoga philosophy, practices and the language of Yoga are taught in a way that engages discussion of our own cultural perspective and this moment in history.

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Raji Thron

Yoga Synthesis Co-Founder, Master Teacher, author, trailblazer and renegade yogi, YS Teacher Training Lead Teacher
Raji has an extensive background in studying and teaching the major forms of Yoga and meditation. He has an inclusive, compassionate teaching style, using insight and humor to convey his integrative practice method.